Honour Among Thieves

Ahh. The Artic waste of a blank white page as I take my first tentative steps at Blogging or maybe it should be called Blagging! Already the acres of content and ideas that I had written in my head leading up to this momentous occasion, and which would grace the pages of this first entry, have deserted me, and cowards that they are, have left me to face my demons alone.

For a long time I have put up with the computer monitor staring accusingly at me from the corner of the room with it’s snide cutting comments like ‘Go on you lazy bastard. Sit there on your couch! The world awaits your great words of wisdom, your wit, your thoughts,  and you, oh rotund one, you, who daily looks more like Jabba The Hut, sit there and moan at the hardship of it all. Call yourself a writer?’

Now, having risen from the couch and slithered over to the computer, I find myself in front of a sneering blank white page, daring me to go on. Is there a point I ask myself in that whiny thinky voice I sometimes hear in my head. Whiny Thinky Voice has a lot of questions to be answered before a letter can be touched on the keyboard. Will anyone bother to read what I write? Will anyone care? Should they? Whiny Thinky Voice can be an irritating fucker believe me, so I was glad to shut him up with these opening words and wipe the sneer off the page as well.

No such problems for the newspaper and TV hacks who seem to ream off thousands of words about anything you can think of in the newsprint and Television media. I have to confess to having stopped buying newspapers in the last few years. Far too much opinion and very little news for my liking. Yet one item which I did pick up on was the story that Noel Dempsey (and I am sure many others as well) is partly funded by bookmakers who in turn are trying their best to lobby the Government to allow gambling machines in their stores. Now I am sure that Mr Dempsey is an honourable man. Indeed after his stout and robust defence of Bertie Ahern during the former Taoiseachs recent troubles with the tribunals, one has to assume that Mr Dempsey along with his other ministerial colleagues sees nothing wrong with obtaining money from big business and despite the reported 17 grand he got from bookmakers, will not gift them any favours or unfair advantages. It does however raise questions as to the credibility of Fianna Failers asking Declan Ganley where he gets his funds from. Recently on Pat Kenny we had the extraordinary spectacle of a ‘very concerned’ FFer Eoin Ryan grilling Mr Ganley as to the source of his funds. Now I am no lover of Mr Ganley but it has to be said that if Mr Ryan and other FFers had grilled their former leader with the same vigour as they did Mr Ganley, they might have some credibility. After all, the party that gave us Charlie Haughey, Ray Burke, Bertie Ahern and many others is hardly the party we all turn to to ensure that corruption is banished from Irish politics.

It’s a hypocrisy that is hard to take yet is brazenly trotted out by such honourable men who are all part of such an honourable political party as Fianna Fail. It is the sort of hypocrisy that gives us the vomit inducing spectacle of Government Ministers on a quarter of a million euro a year, flying around in million dollar helicopters costing 8,000.00 Euro an hour, to land in plush hotels, and after a lobster dinner go forth to tell us, the people, that we are living beyond our means.

I guess it brings new meaning to the old saying of ‘Honour among thieves’.


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12 responses to “Honour Among Thieves

  • Jonathan

    Nice first post. Quite agree that Ireland has been a nation of hypocrisy for quite some time. Welcome to my RSS reader, population, You!

  • Paul

    Same old, same old, nothing Changes. FF will always roll in the mud. The Green Party still have not copped, that there is a world outside of Ranleagh & Rathgar. FG really have no clue about anything. SF, give us a break. Lab, possibly. As for Mr Ganly, well what can I say, beyond right wing…

  • Jarlaith

    Well written and its a pity all those well paid journalists and moutpieces for the mainstream press dont take a page out of your honest notebook!

  • Mary C. Dolan

    Well done, Ronan – economic comments are spot on, and I wish you all the best!

  • Martin Prendergast

    Sound man, Ronan! Nice to see that you still retain the patriotic passion of your youth!
    Present day FF is closer to Thatcher than to Pearse or Connolly. When the band of the Celtic Tiger stopped playing about five years ago the folks in FF just kept on dancing. Drunk on power, they sacrificed the the futures of our young people at the altar of greed.
    Looking forward to more.

  • wheelsofire

    Good post Mr G.
    Apparently, the elite have decided that as they have been living beyond our means, they have to tighten our belts.
    And the only problem is that the so-called opposition are worse, so what to do?
    Where are all those economists who only a few short months ago were assuring us that our fundamental were sound, and that our wonderful economy, uniquely in the world and economic history, could continue to defy gravity.
    Where is that arrogant arse from the Bank of Ireland Dan McLoughlin? The man seems to have gone to ground,no longer lecturing us on Q&A.
    All may not be lost, but I write that as a hopeless optimist.
    Finally: How do you know when a planeload of Fine Gaelers has landed at your local airport?
    The whining goes on long after the engines have been turned off…..

    • Ronan

      Many thanks WheelsofIre. Yes maybe we should have a nationwide campaign to find poor Dan who has gone from economic rotweiler to hush-puppy overnight. One thing’s for sure, you wont find him in any FF tents at race meetings any time soon.

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