The One

They talk of him all across the land. On busy streets, in quiet corners, from atop mountains and in the valleys, they all speak the same name.


He speaks softly they say, but wields truth like a steely blade through a mire of corruption, cronyism, and deception. He can be many places at one time and though he has performed no miracles, they say that one day he will.

He has many followers. They are legion. Gathering in great numbers to hear him speak, they eagerly await his every word and with every word he instils in them new hope.

His wisdom is so great, they say that to look upon his face, is to look into the face of knowledge itself. He is reported to have visions, visions of a dark future for those who do not heed his word, and enlightenment for those who do.

Great leaders have courted him, seeking his knowledge and wisdom and the people have taken him into their hearts. Some say he is the Messiah yet none claim he is Messianic. He speaks his mind without fear or favour and delivers his message with crystal clarity. He is the name on everyone’s lips.

He is George. He is ‘The One’.

But there is a powerful force overshadowing him that will soon rise to challenge his power. A ‘Krypton like’ force that threatens to render him powerless and weak under its ruthless and indomitable power. A force as immovable as Mount Everest and as unstoppable as a Tsunami, but one which he must overwhelm if he is ever to be truly ‘The One’.

A force that has come to be known as,

‘The Party Whip’.


About Ronan Gallagher

Writer and Film-maker living and working in Leitrim in the North West of Ireland. View all posts by Ronan Gallagher

2 responses to “The One

  • wheelsofire

    I too have a problem with George. My peoblem is that while I thought George was speaking truth to power there is now the dreadful possibility that hes actually laying down the footings of new political career. The trnchant criticism of the current Government that I took to be fearless and brave may well have been tainted, even subconsciously.
    Come to think of it, I don’t seem to recall him having done a critique of FG economic policy, some of which is Upminster – severall stops beyond Barking.
    And as to him following the whip, well ask yourself this – did you get an answer from him when you were both on the Joe Duffy show last Tuesday?
    Well, did you?

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