Yes we can! No you wont!

If a week in politics is a long time, then three months must seem an eternity as poor Barack Obama just found out.  His first 100 days were indeed Presidential, and full of promise. He was going to change the world and he was going to start in the good ole USA.He would out torturers, he would close illegal military courts, Guantanamo would be no more. The USA would become a Camelot for human rights and justice.

Balance would be restored to the universe.

But then, on day 101 Barack discovered that he in fact does not run the country and ‘Yes we can’ quickly became ‘No you wont’. His reversals on the most fundamental things such as human rights abuses, torture, rendition, and illegal military courts have swung him from Martin Luther King like hero, to a feeble ‘Uncle Tom’ overnight. The excuses given for these U-Turns are as pathetic as any the Bush administration ever gave us. At least with Bush, Cheney et al, we knew where they stood. With Obama we don’t even know that now.

Once again we see America, that great custodian of freedom, liberty, and justice for all, pulled down and laid waste by the vested interests in the military and political cabals that really run the show, a process which has dashed the hopes of millions in the USA and around the world who really believed that ‘Yes we can’ meant exactly what it said on the tin.

It seems they were wrong, yet again.

God bless America!


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Writer and Film-maker living and working in Leitrim in the North West of Ireland. View all posts by Ronan Gallagher

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