Iraq War Investigation (The Napoleon and Squealer Show)

So. Gordon Brown has at last given the go ahead to an investigation into the Iraq war. There are caveats of course, the secrecy, the lack of apportioning of any blame, or of any criminal charges being brought to anyone found to have acted in a criminal way. Indeed the political manipulation of the process has started even before the investigation has begun with Brown ensuring that the report will not be available until after the next British general election.

And what, we ask ourselves will that investigation reveal? That George Bush and Tony Blair (Napoleon and Squealer as I call them) started a war on a lie, a war which both these brave men and their cheerleaders would never have to fire a shot in? That both these men lied to their respective governments to convince them to send young men and women out to slaughter and be slaughtered in the dust and intense heat of Iraqi streets and deserts? That they breached every human rights law in their own and other countries? That they are personally responsible for the deaths of at least a quarter of a million Iraqi civilians and over four thousand service men and women? That they did all of this from the safety and comfort of their power bases in London and Washington against the wishes of a majority of their people and most of the world?

Apart from the disgusting details of how these reptiles operate, we know most of what will come out in the investigation already. Given that Gordon Brown, the man who stood shoulder to shoulder (in a quiet ‘Wormtongue’ kind of way) with Mr Blair during all of the above has decided in advance that no one is to blame, then I think we can figure out for ourselves what he’s going to do about it.


But Blair and Bush are still relatively young and this may yet be their undoing. Did anyone ever believe thirty years ago that the former Chilean leader Pinochet would end his days scuttling around Chile like a cornered rat as he tried to hide from the vengeful wrath of his victims, or that Serbian leader Milosevic would spend his last days alone in prison?  Gordon may have decided that his old mate can walk free from his genocidal attack on the Iraqi people but like the odious Pinochet, Blair and Bush may find out that international law and the wrath of their victims may have entirely different ideas, especially if the investigation proves what we all knew anyway, that they started the war on lies and deception and that they are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Time will tell.


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