God Bless America

So, the country that gave us rendition, torture, rape, execution and detention without trial as part of it’s foreign policy, wants to boycott Scotland for exercising it’s right to show compassion to al-Megrahi. This says to me something I have long suspected, something which for a man like myself who grew up loving America and all she stood for, is very frightening. It says to me that America is hypocritical, arrogant, ignorant, self serving, brutal, undemocratic and, given that not one of the proposers of the Boycott Scotland campaign were willing to put their names to the campaign, I can add cowardice to the list also.

Is it any wonder that the world no longer cares what America thinks, or wants? Its days of telling the world what to do, or of leading it in any direction, are over. That power was lost when America draped itself in a vengeful blood-spattered star spangled banner and lied its way into wars in Iraq and possibly Afghanistan where its butchery, torture, rape, and calculated war crimes were exposed for the entire world to see.

America derived its power from the values of freedom and democracy it upheld. Once it lost that, it lost everything. As a result, America as a world power is done my friends.

Instead of carrying on with their ridiculous, irrelevant, and largely ignored Boycott Scotland campaign, Americans should  concentrate on getting their own sick country back on track! They could start by calling for the torturers, rapists, and war criminals in their administrations, both past and present, at the highest and lowest levels, to be sent to the Hague War Crimes court to take their place alongside the other butchers of the world, and face the justice they deserve.

God may bless America but no one else will.


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Writer and Film-maker living and working in Leitrim in the North West of Ireland. View all posts by Ronan Gallagher

One response to “God Bless America

  • Iarlaith O Gallcobhair

    It’s not often I reply to these, but having followed this blog for a while, now is the time. It sickens me to think that a writer so honest is writing on a blog, where are all the jouranilsts who are well paid? Why dont they ask or even suggest 1/2 of the questions that this author asks!It makes me wonder. Does anyone else wonder? Does money become the truth? Oh My GOD! On a night that all the news suggests that democracy is now dead and buried, ( Afganistan elections) and the moon rocks are also in doubt, Where is the truth? Keep asking Sir……….. You will get the answer.

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