The Lockerbie Conspiracy

Link below to BBC documentary on Lockerbie which should be seen by those who wish to condemn Scotland and Al-Megrahi. The evidence against Al Megrahi and the activities of the CIA and the Lockerbie investigative team are very seriously called into question not least by one of the American prosecutors of the case who says he felt like Colin Powell in the UN on presenting the Weapons of Mass Destruction case, i.e. used and abused. Judge for yourselves. Click on the link below to watch the programme.


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5 responses to “The Lockerbie Conspiracy

  • bigrab

    The thing to remember is though that decision to release Megrahi was taken on the grounds that he is guilty. That is his status in Scots Law and Kenny MacAskill was careful not to cast any doubt on the conviction in his deliberations.

    Much evidence exists to cast doubt on Megrahi’s conviction of course but with the dropping of his appeal it’s difficult to see what procedure could be used to clear his name.

    • Ronan Gallagher

      Indeed. And the suspicion remains that the current outcome suits everybody, including those countries and politicians that are most vociferous and condemnatory of the release. I have to say that despite what certain politicians and media hacks claim, I believe many many people across the globe have a renewed respect for both Scotland and Mr Mac Caskill for having stood their ground and not yielded to the inhumane blood baying from America. William Wallace would be proud!

  • bigrab


    You and your readers may appreciate this from a Scottish QC (Queens Council) on MacAskill’s decision. I must say it is a fairly untypical view from the legal establishment but one with which I agree.

  • bigrab


    I meant of course Queen’s Counsel!

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