Lies, Damned Lies

The recent claim by Mr Frank Feighan that death threats were made to him over his stance on the Roscommon Hospital issue is in my opinion a clever distraction from the issue and was made in an attempt to gain sympathy for himself and alienate the law abiding citizens of Roscommon who have done nothing more than believe the promises he and his fellow Fine Gael colleagues made during the election on retaining services at Roscommon hospital. Indeed Mr Feighan himself said on RTE’s Drivetime that evening that he himself did not take the threat seriously and did not want anything done about it. If this is the case then why did he release it to the media in the first place?

The false promises on Roscommon hospital it seems were made with the sole objective of gaining power, and have further diminished the body politic and increased the disconnect between the people and those who we elected to Govern our country. There is no doubt that these promises were made by Dr Reilly in an open letter to many local papers during the election campaign and were backed by both Roscommon candidates Messrs Feighan and Naughten, who were subsequently elected to the Dail with very sizeable votes. The Government tells us there is no money for Roscommon Hospital yet only days ago they paid out billions to unsubordinated and unguaranteed bondholders despite there being no requirement on them to do so by either the IMF or ECB and despite them having promised to unilaterally burn the bondholders in their election manifesto a few months back. Add to that the  recent Wikileaks revelations about Eamon Gilmore’s two sided approach to the vote on the Lisbon Treaty when he told the Irish electorate that their democratic decision to reject Lisbon would be respected and no further referendum would be held, yet within weeks was telling the US Ambassador that he supported holding another referendum on Lisbon, and the duplicitous nature of our politicians becomes all too apparent.

When lies and deceit become ‘overt’ as opposed to ‘covert’ you know that our democracy is in big trouble.


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