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Goodbye Ireland, Hello Europe.

Is this what Ireland has come to? Taking money from the special needs children and selling our national resources and assets to pay the debts of bankers in Ireland, France and Germany? A country in which by 2016, the 100th anniversary of the 1916 rising, having sold our assets, ceded our sovereignty to a nation which only 60 years ago was butchering its way across Europe, the Irish people will be nothing more than paying tenants in our own country and our politicians little more than glorified Co Councillors on the outpost of Europe. Our four green fields becoming one remote European provincial region!
And all without a shot being fired or a vote taken.

The Presidents Debate

Listening to Ger Colleran (unbiased editor of the star) and Vincent Browne attacking Martin McGuinness in the post debate ‘debate’ one gets the feeling that both these gentlemen have a rather selective view on recent Irish history. It seems now that Martin McGuinness single-handedly killed everyone who died in the conflict, tortured every torture victim and robbed every bank. Despite all this a poll run on TV3 which had 200,000 participants put McGuinness as most popular and winning the debate outright at 34% Norris at 19% and poor Gay Mitchell (who had an apparently terrible upbringing) with a measly 8%. As to any embarrassment at Prince Charles meeting McGuinness one should be aware that Prince Charles heads up the military outfit that killed hundreds in NI including the Bloody Sunday slaughter, and the countless dead civilians in both Afghanistan and Iraq. But no mention of that on the VB show. Vincent did say he was overwhelmed at the Queens visit earlier this year, now we know how much. Maybe he’ll prostrate himself at her feet as he did with that other Prince Charles ‘Charlie Haughey’ all those years ago when he was looking for a ‘dig out’ from him to save his business. No questions asked at that time where Charlie got his money from and it seems no questions now about Prince Charles or HRM’s responsibility for any deaths in NI or beyond. I guess we all have a history we’d rather not go into, eh Vincent?

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