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Loving The Alien

‘I was just frightened,very very frightened’.

A trailer from my documentary ‘Loving The Alien’ with music from Eclectic Turkey.
Watch the entire film at

‘Loving The Alien’ (26min: 30Sec) is a documentary type film inspired by and shot around the 2nd Irish International UFO Conference which was held in Ireland late August 2005 at The Bush Hotel, Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim. The area around nearby Boyle in Co Roscommon has become a hotspot for alleged UFO activity and has attracted a lot of interest from the media, UFO Researchers, and ordinary people. Whether one is sceptical of such accounts or a total believer, the fact is, that these UFO sightings are relatively common.

Loving the Alien is not about proving or disproving anyone’s theories, or about mocking or ridiculing people or disrespecting their strongly held beliefs, it is hopefully more about being informative, imaginative, and above all, entertaining.


Spirit: We are the Earth.


A short documentary I made exploring our relationship with the land asking if that relationship has a spiritual dimension to it.

Tall Tales & Pony Tails

A short documentary on the Story Telling Festival and Horse Fair held in Mohill, Co Leitrim in Ireland every October Bank Holiday weekend. Produced and Directed by my good self.

Guest of the Nation

A short film I made some time back about an asylum seeker awaiting news of his family back home. Given the issue of asylum seekers raised it’s head this week I thought it would act as a reminder to people what many of them are running from.

The film highlights the plight of many asylum seekers who have been traumatised and tormented by forces in their own countries, many of whose regimes are encouraged and supported for financial and geo-political reasons by the very countries in the west that seek to stop such people seeking sanctuary. The film hopes to stimulate debate as to whether we should be looking at the push factors in the refugee issue as well as the pull factors.  What drives them to travel great distances, risk life and limb to get to our shores? In many cases it is because of brutality and human rights abuses, in many more it is for economic reasons brought about by appalling corruption and mismanagement of their economies by corrupt Governments, many of whose leaders are welcomed here as ‘Guests of the Nation’ having millions of taxpayers money spent on lavishing them in gifts, honours and trade.

A very different welcome than we extend to the victims of these same leaders.

The Lockerbie Conspiracy

Link below to BBC documentary on Lockerbie which should be seen by those who wish to condemn Scotland and Al-Megrahi. The evidence against Al Megrahi and the activities of the CIA and the Lockerbie investigative team are very seriously called into question not least by one of the American prosecutors of the case who says he felt like Colin Powell in the UN on presenting the Weapons of Mass Destruction case, i.e. used and abused. Judge for yourselves. Click on the link below to watch the programme.

Rebel Heart

A short film on Irish rebel Sean Mc Diarmada who was one of the leaders of the Easter Rising in Ireland in 1916 and also one of the signatories to the Irish Proclaimation for which he was subsequently executed along with the other main leaders of the rebellion The film was shot during the first Sean Mc Diarmada Summer School held in McDiarmada’s native Kiltyclougher in Co Leitrim, Ireland in June 2009.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Underworld Trailer

A trailer for Underworld, one of my films with Don Baker and Michael McElhatton. If you like the trailer you can watch the full 20min film free at my site Iron Mountain Movies.  Just click on the Underworld thumbnail on the home page to view the film.  Don’t forget to turn up the volume and turn out the lights…

You’re not afraid of the dark?….

Are you?

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