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Congratulations Mr Karzai

The recent elections in Afghanistan were declared fraudulent by the US, Europe and the UN a short while ago, yet last week we saw Mr Obama, Mr Browne and the rest of the free world congratulate and accept Mr Karzai as duly elected leader of Afghanistan. How was this allowed to happen? Quite simply because the opposition leader Abdullah Abdullah pulled out of the new election claiming that not enough guarantees had been put in place to ensure the same fraud would not happen again the second time around. Astonishingly, this allowed Mr Karzai to claim victory in the election unopposed despite evidence of fraud on a massive scale. This shining example of the west’s passionate belief in the rules of democracy comes at a time when rising Taliban attacks are resulting in an increased number of allied casualties and must surely stick in the throat of any soldier who actually believes he or she is putting their lives and others at risk to further the cause of freedom and democracy in Afghanistan.

It also exposes a much deeper and much more troubling fact which is that the civilised west is only interested in democracy as long as it delivers the right result for the west and not the country it is supposed to serve. This has been evident for some time now and is a policy that has been used covertly for many years  in places like Latin America where democracy was replaced by murderous dictators and tin pot generals with the tacit encouragement and support of the Reagan administration, and overtly in Palestine with the refusal of the west to accept Hammas as duly elected leaders of the Palestinian people, despite them being democratically elected as such.

This corruption of the democratic process is indicative of how the west, and in particular America, will turn a blind eye to corruption, murder, and even genocide, to further the interests of the civilised west as opposed to furthering the cause of democracy. It also exposes the hypocrisy and double standards that lie at the heart of that great neo-con project of imposing democracy on errant states by the civilised west.

And who will pay the price for this corruption? Well you can bet your bottom dollar it wont be Mr Obama, or Mr Browne, or Mr Berlusconi. Being such courageous people they prefer instead to leave that to service men and women, and the innocent men women and children who through no fault of their own, find themselves paying the ultimate price for western corruption of democracy.

If the worlds self appointed policemen are themselves willing to be part of such corruption then how are we supposed to take anything they do seriously. The answer is that we cant. Nor indeed should we.


God Bless America

So, the country that gave us rendition, torture, rape, execution and detention without trial as part of it’s foreign policy, wants to boycott Scotland for exercising it’s right to show compassion to al-Megrahi. This says to me something I have long suspected, something which for a man like myself who grew up loving America and all she stood for, is very frightening. It says to me that America is hypocritical, arrogant, ignorant, self serving, brutal, undemocratic and, given that not one of the proposers of the Boycott Scotland campaign were willing to put their names to the campaign, I can add cowardice to the list also.

Is it any wonder that the world no longer cares what America thinks, or wants? Its days of telling the world what to do, or of leading it in any direction, are over. That power was lost when America draped itself in a vengeful blood-spattered star spangled banner and lied its way into wars in Iraq and possibly Afghanistan where its butchery, torture, rape, and calculated war crimes were exposed for the entire world to see.

America derived its power from the values of freedom and democracy it upheld. Once it lost that, it lost everything. As a result, America as a world power is done my friends.

Instead of carrying on with their ridiculous, irrelevant, and largely ignored Boycott Scotland campaign, Americans should  concentrate on getting their own sick country back on track! They could start by calling for the torturers, rapists, and war criminals in their administrations, both past and present, at the highest and lowest levels, to be sent to the Hague War Crimes court to take their place alongside the other butchers of the world, and face the justice they deserve.

God may bless America but no one else will.

The Language of Doublespeak

There is a new language which over the years has stealthily embedded itself into our lives. Orwellian in nature and effect, it has become the stock and trade of most of our political leaders. It is a language in which one can speak a thousand words and still say nothing. A language which defies all the rules and regulations of direct communication by inventing many of its own. It creates new words and meanings for old things, things which we had always assumed were basic rights. It manipulates meaning and deliberately conceals truth.

One of the prime examples where this new language is used is in war and its politics, and most notably in Iraq. In the early nineties during the first Iraq war after the killing of five hundred civilians sheltering in a milk factory, we were given two new words to replace four old ones. The words ‘collateral damage’ replaced ‘killing of innocent civilians’ and since then literally thousands if not millions of lives have been snuffed out with hardly a whimper from anyone because the new words had the effect of hiding the actual meaning of the old ones. In this new language it seems being innocent and being civilian is no longer a right.

With this new language the replacing of a few words allows so called civilised states to kill innocent civilians in total contravention of the internationally agreed Geneva Convention which lists such actions as war crimes. It does so because this new language deliberately has no real meaning and hides the truth. It is easier to say ‘Unfortunately we had some collateral damage’ than to report you have just slaughtered five hundred innocent men, women, and children.

With this new language you also have the absolute power to pick up anyone, anywhere in the world, torture them in horrific ways, and should you wish, kill them. This is made possible because the old word ‘torture’ has been replaced with the new tamer word ‘rendition’ which somehow makes the crimes of state sponsored murder and torture more acceptable.

In the hallowed halls of Westminster it allows you to engineer a war that you will never have to fire a shot in. It allows you to say with great gravity at a soldier’s graveside that sacrifices must be made in war, before flying off to a multi-million pound holiday residence in sunnier climes. And closer to home, it allows you to be neutral, be against the war, and still allow US troops to pour through Shannon to fight in that same war.

And should we be worried about this new language, this new doublespeak? Should we even care? The answer to both those questions is yes. Language and the meaning of the words we use was not something we humans invented overnight. Our language and communications skills have developed and evolved over millions of years. This was done for good reasons, chief among them being clarity, meaning, and understanding. As humans we stand above the animals because of our ability to communicate effectively and intelligently with each other. The meaning of the words we use is crucial to this. Calling the killing of innocent civilians ‘Collateral Damage’ divorces us from the bloody reality of what that actually means, severed limbs, bloodied corpses, and dead children. It allows governments to carry out appalling atrocities in our name without fearing the anger and disgust of public opinion. To manipulate words is to manipulate truth. That is a dangerous game and as history has taught us, one which can have terrible consequences as we saw when Hitler’s Nazis took it to a different level by replacing the word ‘Genocide’ with ‘Final Solution’. The result was the horrific and systematic slaughter of over six million people in death camps like Auschwitz.

That is a lesson we forget at our peril.

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