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Congratulations Mr Karzai

The recent elections in Afghanistan were declared fraudulent by the US, Europe and the UN a short while ago, yet last week we saw Mr Obama, Mr Browne and the rest of the free world congratulate and accept Mr Karzai as duly elected leader of Afghanistan. How was this allowed to happen? Quite simply because the opposition leader Abdullah Abdullah pulled out of the new election claiming that not enough guarantees had been put in place to ensure the same fraud would not happen again the second time around. Astonishingly, this allowed Mr Karzai to claim victory in the election unopposed despite evidence of fraud on a massive scale. This shining example of the west’s passionate belief in the rules of democracy comes at a time when rising Taliban attacks are resulting in an increased number of allied casualties and must surely stick in the throat of any soldier who actually believes he or she is putting their lives and others at risk to further the cause of freedom and democracy in Afghanistan.

It also exposes a much deeper and much more troubling fact which is that the civilised west is only interested in democracy as long as it delivers the right result for the west and not the country it is supposed to serve. This has been evident for some time now and is a policy that has been used covertly for many years  in places like Latin America where democracy was replaced by murderous dictators and tin pot generals with the tacit encouragement and support of the Reagan administration, and overtly in Palestine with the refusal of the west to accept Hammas as duly elected leaders of the Palestinian people, despite them being democratically elected as such.

This corruption of the democratic process is indicative of how the west, and in particular America, will turn a blind eye to corruption, murder, and even genocide, to further the interests of the civilised west as opposed to furthering the cause of democracy. It also exposes the hypocrisy and double standards that lie at the heart of that great neo-con project of imposing democracy on errant states by the civilised west.

And who will pay the price for this corruption? Well you can bet your bottom dollar it wont be Mr Obama, or Mr Browne, or Mr Berlusconi. Being such courageous people they prefer instead to leave that to service men and women, and the innocent men women and children who through no fault of their own, find themselves paying the ultimate price for western corruption of democracy.

If the worlds self appointed policemen are themselves willing to be part of such corruption then how are we supposed to take anything they do seriously. The answer is that we cant. Nor indeed should we.


Iraq War Investigation (The Napoleon and Squealer Show)

So. Gordon Brown has at last given the go ahead to an investigation into the Iraq war. There are caveats of course, the secrecy, the lack of apportioning of any blame, or of any criminal charges being brought to anyone found to have acted in a criminal way. Indeed the political manipulation of the process has started even before the investigation has begun with Brown ensuring that the report will not be available until after the next British general election.

And what, we ask ourselves will that investigation reveal? That George Bush and Tony Blair (Napoleon and Squealer as I call them) started a war on a lie, a war which both these brave men and their cheerleaders would never have to fire a shot in? That both these men lied to their respective governments to convince them to send young men and women out to slaughter and be slaughtered in the dust and intense heat of Iraqi streets and deserts? That they breached every human rights law in their own and other countries? That they are personally responsible for the deaths of at least a quarter of a million Iraqi civilians and over four thousand service men and women? That they did all of this from the safety and comfort of their power bases in London and Washington against the wishes of a majority of their people and most of the world?

Apart from the disgusting details of how these reptiles operate, we know most of what will come out in the investigation already. Given that Gordon Brown, the man who stood shoulder to shoulder (in a quiet ‘Wormtongue’ kind of way) with Mr Blair during all of the above has decided in advance that no one is to blame, then I think we can figure out for ourselves what he’s going to do about it.


But Blair and Bush are still relatively young and this may yet be their undoing. Did anyone ever believe thirty years ago that the former Chilean leader Pinochet would end his days scuttling around Chile like a cornered rat as he tried to hide from the vengeful wrath of his victims, or that Serbian leader Milosevic would spend his last days alone in prison?  Gordon may have decided that his old mate can walk free from his genocidal attack on the Iraqi people but like the odious Pinochet, Blair and Bush may find out that international law and the wrath of their victims may have entirely different ideas, especially if the investigation proves what we all knew anyway, that they started the war on lies and deception and that they are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Time will tell.

Yes we can! No you wont!

If a week in politics is a long time, then three months must seem an eternity as poor Barack Obama just found out.  His first 100 days were indeed Presidential, and full of promise. He was going to change the world and he was going to start in the good ole USA.He would out torturers, he would close illegal military courts, Guantanamo would be no more. The USA would become a Camelot for human rights and justice.

Balance would be restored to the universe.

But then, on day 101 Barack discovered that he in fact does not run the country and ‘Yes we can’ quickly became ‘No you wont’. His reversals on the most fundamental things such as human rights abuses, torture, rendition, and illegal military courts have swung him from Martin Luther King like hero, to a feeble ‘Uncle Tom’ overnight. The excuses given for these U-Turns are as pathetic as any the Bush administration ever gave us. At least with Bush, Cheney et al, we knew where they stood. With Obama we don’t even know that now.

Once again we see America, that great custodian of freedom, liberty, and justice for all, pulled down and laid waste by the vested interests in the military and political cabals that really run the show, a process which has dashed the hopes of millions in the USA and around the world who really believed that ‘Yes we can’ meant exactly what it said on the tin.

It seems they were wrong, yet again.

God bless America!

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