John McGahern Documentary

Three Days In Summer

Documentary on Irish author JohnMcGahern


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2 responses to “John McGahern Documentary

  • lmcg1

    Ronan, thank you very much for posting this video. Congratulations of making such an interesting film. I am not familiar with John McGahern, however, I have checked and our library has 2 of his books, which I will pick up later today. I am looking forward to reading this new-to-me author.

    I am originally a McGrath, my grandfather’s family having emigrated to England and then to Canada. I have been thinking about attending a painting workshop that is being held in Balynakill this October. The scenes from the video now make this particularly appealing. The tipping point is approaching quickly, I think, to making a final decision.

  • Stephen


    This is a very important video – thank you for making it available for public viewing.

    Many discoveries of fine writing have been, for me, serendipitous. So it is with McGahern. I came across a reference to his work in relation to study of Penelope Fitzgerald.

    My curiosity piqued, I’ll be following the trail. Thanks for getting me started!


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